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A jewel for life,
created with the noblest materials.

A special diamond jewel is for life. And therefore, you also want to be sure that it is really valuable. Ma Vie en Rose leaves no doubt. Both the jewel that you choose as the in Antwerp traded and cut diamonds that it carries, are certified by external and independent laboratories, the Gemological Institute of America, Diamond High Council and the International Gemological Institute.

You can also be certain that Ma Vie en Rose’s jewellery comes from a fair and equitable background. You will be given the guarantee that we never work with blood diamonds from conflict zones. All rough diamonds always come with a Kimberley certificate. Only officially authorised mines and traders who are not based in a conflict zone can obtain this certification. Antwerp is one of the few cities in the world where the certificate of these rough diamonds can be checked to see whether it is genuine. All the gold we use in our jewellery is also mined in a sustainable manner.

Our diamonds
Our precious metals